2018 Graphic Design Trends

2018 Graphic Design Trends

Every year marketing teams fight to keep abreast of the newest typography and graphic design trends. They change so fast that it can be hard to keep up.

Here are the trending graphic designs we’re going to see the most in 2018.


This year is about to get colorful!

Bright, bold colors are in, so throw out those pastel projects. Not only will saturated colors like fire-engine red and bonkers blue be trending, but  contrasting colors are here to stay. Who says you shouldn’t pair plum purple    with lime green? This is an excellent movement for DTG digital printers like us because it allows us to add multiple colors without charging our customers an extra fee. 2018 is the time experiment with those daring color concepts.


Hand-drawn fonts are sticking around

It seems like eventually, these handwritten font styles would creep out of existence, but they are here to stay this year. Choosing the right font is as important as creating the logo itself. Using a personalized typeface can say a lot about your company. It can help build a business’s reputation, and the right hand-drawn font shouts “Hey, we’re friendly. Come say hello!”

Funny, old-school t-shirts are making a comeback

Cartoon images of animals or characters are making a return this year, so don’t confuse 2018 with 1991. We’re going back in time and bringing this animated trend back with us. Our design experts here at UPP are so pumped for this comeback, they have already created some awesome designs. The options in this category are only limited by your imagination.

Grunge is great again

You don’t need to be on the West Coast to see the grunge movement return. You may have already started seeing to see them pop up all over the place lately. Not only will you see a lot of grunge-inspired themes, but you will see designs that give you a big dose of 80’s nostalgia.

Do it all at once

Creativity is the lifeblood of UPP, and we love a challenge! This trending combination smashes a few of the others together in one mega-cool design. Whether you’re using the subdued tones and vintage feel of grunge with a specialized font, or some bright and colorful animations, you’ll tick all the boxes at once.  

Above all else, be unique and creative. If you’re looking for something eye-popping and trendy this year, but aren’t sure where to start, shoot us an email at dpollack@unitedpressprinting.com or use the contact form below.



Tell us what type of styles you would like to see in 2018 in the comments section below.  Each submission is automatically entered into a t-shirt giveaway for February.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see the winner!



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